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Playtime Web Development
Playtime Web Development
Beanie Babies

What are we doing here?
The friendy folks here at Playtime have decided to plunge face first into one of the hottest selling toys/collectable now. You guessed it. Beanie Babies. In keeping with our belief that everyone should have free, well designed web pages, we will desing your Beanie Baby site for free. Thats right, FREE! We won't ask for any payment. Not for us at least. As many people know, these little cuddly animals were first and foremost toys for children. Due to the current craze, they are hard to find, and prices have skyrocketed. All that we will ask is for you to send us a Beanie Baby. It can be any one at all. We will then take these babies and give them to local charities or raffles helping out local charities. We will not keep any of them. We already have our own collections and feel no need for any more.


How to get your FREE webpage:
Simply send us a e-mail at the following adress We will respond as soon as posible and try to work out the details of your web page.

What your webpage includes:
Pretty much whatever you desire. We have acess to some cutting edge technology. If you dont have web hosting, or have no clue what that is, we can get it for you, for FREE!! Beyond that, almost anything is possible.

Why should you donate a Beanie Baby?
Why not. We have donated many beanie babies ourselves, but it is getting harder and harder to find them. We have given them both the charities and to raffles run by these charities. They include Make-A-Wish, a national foundation that raises money to grant wishes to children with cancer, or the like. Speaking from experience, nothing quite matches the expression we have seen on little kids faces when they are handed their own beanie.

What if I can't find a Beanie Baby?
Sending us a Beanie is not necessary. (Although why wouldn't you?) If you your self are having problems, send us an e-mail at and we will work something out.
Beanie Babies (tm) and the Ty logo are trademarks of Ty, Inc. Playtime Web Development is not affiliated with Ty Inc. and their product does not imply their endorsement. We just want to make the web a better place to play.

You are person number who came to play. Come again soon.

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