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Free Web Space

If any of these pages doesn't work, please send me e-mail here. Also send me some e-mail if you know of any other place with space. Thanks.

Online form Generated

Angelfire offers one page, built using their online page generator.

RoboWeb has nice interface, and builds nice looking pages. It's also very responsive and lag free.

They provide an online editor for you to create your homepage.

They allow one HTML page which you edit using a form they provide.

Create a home page with their online forms.

Offline generated

You can edit your pages off-line then upload them Main Quad. They provide 150K of space.

They offer a 300K of space and allow you to create your page and graphics off-line then upload.

You get 1 meg worth of space and your own directory on the system. All pages and graphics are sent via password protected ftp.

Free homepages for non-profit organizations or groups.

Either online, or offline

Create your home pages with their online forms or design your pages off-line then upload via anonymous ftp. Multiple pages are supported and you can upload your own GIFs.

Free pages to private people and non profit organizations. You can build up to 24 pages with a maximum of 500KB at all. They also offer form based HTML editing. (I think this is in German?)

You can either design your homepage using their homepage editor or design it using your favourite HTML program and upload via anonymous ftp. They allow 3 megs of space, with the option of getting more if your page meets certain requirements for visitors numbers and stuff like that.

This service provides 3 megs of space, which is a large amount. Unless you know your way around web pages, i would sugest avoiding it because it can be confusing. But this service allows you to do neat stuff like counters, auto response forms, and clocks. If you have clue, i would reccomend using this service.