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Information about Playtime Web Development

Playtime Web Development is a small group. We are volunteers so please don't pester us with too many questions. Odds are the answer can be found on the net. If you have looked, and still can't find it, then this is the place to be. If we cant build it or design it, then it can't be done. (Either that or we can find it for you) But the members of Playtime are interested in helping improve the content of pages on the web. Many pages are nothing but links to other pages with links. We can help you build a page that will attract visitors. And we can also help you with promotion of your web site. We feel that our sites are better designed than many professional sites. We can say this because our members keep up to date with many new developments in the web design world.
Please note: Some pages we have built have credit given to the Zax. The Zax is one of our volunteers who puts his "handle" on the web site he designs.

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