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Welcome to Finders Keepers

This allows you to order the Beanie Babies of your choice. Not all Beanie are in stock, if it is not in stock, you will be notified. We will simply hold your Beanies until you call us with your credit card number, or until we receive your check or money order. The total cost is only an estimate. Cost will vary upon method of payment used and also state shipped too. Please contact us for more information.To use this catalog, simply follow these helpful tips:

Select your desired quantity from the select list and then press the "Add to Cart" link.

To remove items from your shopping cart press the "Remove Item" link.

The subtotal and total including taxes and shipping will appear in the left frame. You can view what's in your cart by clicking on the "what's in my cart image". When you are done press the "Process" button to process your order.

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